504 Rough Cast™
Hammered pearl or orange peel texture provides moderate translucency; features excellent light scattering properties.

Finely scribed mesh pattern creates subdued, veiled images for a soft sense of privacy.

Organic, heavily obscuring texture. Excellent for single glazed applications creating privacy or hiding views.


Extremely fine, corduroy-like texture. The miniature facets bring the glass alive as one walks past.

Without pattern, offers a high level of transparency for a rolled glass. Please note, the optical qualities of rolled glass are fundamentally incomparable with the surface and transparency of float glass as the production methods are vastly different.

Precisely chiseled pattern prismatically bends light and vision in its deep, v-cut surfaces.


Low Iron
Special production made with raw materials containing a low iron composition. The resultant glass is almost colorless, displaying a slight greenish cast, and is favored by many architects.


Exterior Systems

Bendheim's vertical and horizontal exterior frame systems for fixed openings and curtain walls can be constructed as single glazed or double glazed performance walls, rain screens, trombe walls, and decorative screens.

Our horizontal system can be constructed as a true unitized system. Units can be pre-assembled by the glazier under controlled conditions, transported to the building, and hoisted into place.

The 60mm (2-3/8") flange glass is designed for exterior applications. Its greater thickness and larger flanges make it stronger than the 41mm channel. It is manufactured in three standard widths, 9", 10-5/16", and 13", and six textures: 504 Rough Cast™, Solar™, Ice™, Piccolo®, Clarissimo™, and Prismasolar™. It is also frequently used for interior partitions because of the greater choice in standard textures and added strength for single glazed applications.


Interior Systems

Channel glass is available for interior wall systems in single or double, vertical or horizontal glazed applications. Our unique frame designs permit "dry-joint" assembly allowing an owner to benefit from quicker assembly and the elimination of silicone sealants. It may also qualify as a moveable partition permitting accelerated tax depreciation. Bendheim offers the only frame that supports a tip-to-tip application providing a cleaner, minimal joint design.

The 41mm (1-5/8") flange glass is designed for interior partitions and is available in four widths from 9" to 19". The standard two textures are 504 Rough Cast™ and Clarissimo™.