Our insulating glass units are hermetically sealed units combining two or more lites of glass separated by an air space filled with desiccant as a drying agent. All units fabricated by RIG are dual sealed units utilizing a PIB primary seal and a silicone secondary seal. Insulating glass improves thermal performance and significantly reduces heating and air conditioning costs. Insulating glass also reduces interior condensation in cold climates.



As with all of our equipment, RIG possesses one of the most sophisticated flat glass laminating lines ever built. Our laminating capabilities are second to none in the world. Utilizing machinery custom designed and built in Germany, we have the ability to produce some of the most unique pieces of laminated glass in the world.



Fully tempered glass is utilized when safety glass is required for strength or required codes. Fully tempered glass is SAFETY Glass and meets all glazing standards including CPSC 16 CFR 1201. When fractured, tempered glass breaks into many small pieces. When broken, fully tempered glass does not fully stay in a glazed opening.


Heat Strengthened

Heat Strengthened Glass is utilized when additional strength is required. By heat strengthening glass, it adds resistance to thermal, mechanical and deflection stresses. Heat treated glass can be measured to have compression between 3500-7500 PSI, and is twice as strong as annealed glass of the same size and thickness. Heat treated glass tends to fracture similar to annealed glass but typically stays in an opening. RIG fabricates its heat treated glass to meet ASTM 1048 specifications.


Spandrel Silk Screen

RIG currently offers spandrels both in lead free ceramic frit and silicone based opaci-coat. Spandrels are designed to harmonize with vision areas on the outside of a building. RIG offers a variety of standard colors and has the ability to utilize a vast array of custom colors. We fabricate the ceramic product using a roller coater to apply the material and then we fire the material into the glass in a furnace. Spandrels are offered in monolithic, laminated, and insulating glass.


Digital Printing

Utilizing a complex printer designed and built in Europe to print directly on the surface of most glass types, RGI printed glass can be used in many applications, both interior and exterior. In exterior applications we suggest to hermetically seal the glass on surface #2 or #3 of our insulating glass. This printer is compatible with almost all of today's most utilized design software, with the ability to print full color opaque images. All inks are tested and approved for this type of production.


Oversized Glass

It's not easy being the BIGGEST! Throughout the years, RIG has developed a world-renowned reputation for fabricating and delivering some of the most unique oversized glass in the world. The projects include multi-million dollar residences, high rise buildings, air traffic control towers, video screens and commercial office buildings. With this reputation, people often forget that our Headquarter facility houses some of the most sophisticated machinery to fabricate commodity glass better than anyone in the industry. We are fully capable of offering all products available in sizes up to 130" x 284" or any commodity size desired.



Rochester Insulated Glass prides itself in being one of the world's finest fabricators of architectural flat glass. With this title, we must also rely on our ability to deliver on-time and complete orders. We owe this to our in-house logistics team. RIG uses its company-owned shipping fleet to deliver our high quality products. We internally operate this entire department and own many different trailers that give us the ability to deliver product throughout North America.