School Guard Glass™ currently offers its SG4™ and SG5™ product.  Both can be made into thermopanes in a wide variety of make-ups including tints, coatings and argon gas filled.  School Guard Glass™ products can be made to fit any required thickness for doors that are built to receive ¼” glass up to 1 ¼” glass.  School Guard Glass™ can be put into doors (wood, hollow metal and aluminum) as well as windows, store fronts and curtain wall assemblies.

School Guard Glass™ offers a wide variety of products including Bullet Resistant Glass Levels 1 through 8 as well as a wide range of other laminated products.  BR frames and doors are also available through partnerships we currently have in place.

School Guard Glass featured on ABC News 10:
Special Report: Sandy Hook teacher speaks about tragedy, local company works to prevent future tragedies


We brought some of the most commonly used glass products to H.P White Laboratories in Street, Maryland for independent testing.
Below you will see how commonly used products compare to School Guard Glass™ products.