• No minimum quantities
  • Ability to custom cut any size of panel
  • Broad array of products to meet the demands of the most stringent environments
  • Most panels in stock, which allows faster turn times and quicker delivery
  • Wide variety of color options
  • Moldings specifically made to match our panels


Endurex Laminated In-Fill Panels

A line of exterior architectural products focused on extending the life of the building. These infill / glazing panels offer various finish options to provide design flexibility as well as insulation options to meet your buildings envelope requirements.

  • Insulated Panels
  • Insulated Spandrel Glass
  • Porcelain
  • Fire Resistant
  • Impact Resistant
  • Acoustical
  • Veneer

Endurex 555

Nudo's Endurex 555 advances the insulated "impact" or "hurricane" panel from the stone age to the space age. While other competitors rely on a heavy sheet of steel to provide the impact protection, Nudo has engineered a lightweight, super strong composite material to do an even better job. Although lighter and much easier to cut and install, the Endurex 555 panel passed all National "hurricane" testing requirements. The benefits go far beyond the tremendous strength-to-weight ratio. The Endurex 555 composite stabilizers are also impervious to moisture. The panel is completely balanced and not dependent on a "steel side out" installation. We didn't stop with a lighter, stronger, moisture resistant and easy to install panel. The Endurex 555 also offers great insulating values. Since the composite stabilizers are only half the thickness of the competition's panel, and there is no heavy sheet of steel, the Endurex 555 provides more insulation in the same thickness panel.



ALUMINUM COMPOSITE BUILDING ENVELOPE PANELS - WITHOUT LIMITATIONSEnduroBond is an exceptionally high quality aluminum composite panel (ACM). Primarily used as a cladding panel as part of the exterior building envelope, it can also add a distinctive and decorative look as an interior wall or ceiling panel. Available in an almost endless array of colors and metallic finishes, EnduroBond provides the architect and building owner the ability to make their building distinctive, long lasting and modernistic. The panels are perfect for forming the edges, adapting to the curvature of the building, and as accent panels around windows and entrances. EnduroBond is offered in 4mm thickness and in both a standard polyethylene (PE) and fire rated (FR) core. Nudo custom made EnduroBond provides the solutions for specialized color requirements and unique anodized or metallic finishes. From the smallest renovation to the largest hi-rise, EnduroBond can make your vision a reality.