World class custom laminator of glass and glass clad polycarbonate products specializing in product solutions for the forced entry, ballistic rated , DoD, GSA, psychiatric, detention and hurricane impact markets. LTI, offers unique capabilities such as custom graphic integration using digital printing, colored interlayers and custom laminated materials to achieve virtually any desired design.

  • Ballistic Rated Glass Clad Polycarbonate
  • Ballistic Rated Glass Laminated Products
  • LTI "Smart Glass" - Switchable Privacy Glass
  • Custom Laminated Interlayers and Digital Screen Printing Decorative Laminated Products

Vetrotech has developed forced entry and ballistic fire rated products to allow building owner's the opportunity to address both fire safety and building security concerns. Using laminated products with either a filmed coating applied or laminated School Guard Glass, we can offer our clients with the highest rated level of protection available on the market.

  • Ballistic Rated, Forced Entry-Fire-Rated Glazing for Exterior and Interior Applications

School Guard Glass (SGG) is the clearest, thinnest, and stron- gest security glass on the market designed for everyday public and private facilities. SGG manufactures the only security products that have been third-party forced entry tested in stan- dard doors and frames designed for 1/4" and 1" insulated glass, which makes up to 95% of commercial glass applications.

  • Market Leading Forced Entry Products using 1/4" Laminated Glass and Insulated Units

At EFCO we design many of our products to withstand extreme conditions – man-made or weather related. Our investment in open air blast testing, laboratory shock tube testing, and expert structural engineering, including non-linear dynamic analysis, results in an extensive line of XForceTM products and services to meet the design and performance demands of today’s blast mitigation market.

  • DoD Blast Rated Windows, Curtain Walls and Entrances
  • GSA Blast Rated Windows, Curtain Walls and Entrances
  • Ballistic Rated Curtain Walls and Entrances
  • Psychiatric Office of Mental Health Rated Windows, Curtain Walls and Entrances.
  • Forced Entry Resistant Window, Curtain Walls and Entrances using School Guard Glass