BENDHEIM WALL SYSTEMS Machine Rolled U-Channel glass wall system offers Architects a unique project design element that sets your building design apart. Interlocking U-Channels create a dramatic wall assembly unlike any other product available today. The cast glass product is available in multiple textures, with low E coatings and can be filmed or tempered to meet safety glazing category 2 requirements. The system is available with Okalux insulation in the cavity to further enhance daylighting and thermal performance. We have developed several system options for building integration including single and multi-span applications.

  • Annealed or Tempered Cast Glass U-Channel Glazing System

Okalux develops and supplies insulated glass for light redirection, daylighting, shading, and insulation. Okalux designs its products with metal, stone, wood and other materials to enhance the efficiency of the structure while adding beauty to interior and exterior spaces. All products are passive and require no additional maintenance other than glass cleaner. Okalux products are both sustainable and sustainably sourced.

  • Light Diffusion - Okalux with Internal Capillary Tubes to Diffuse and Disperse Light Further into the Buildings Interior
  • Solar Control - Okatech, Okawood and Okasolar with Integral Expanded Mesh, Wood Grids or Stationary Louvers
  • Privacy - View Block Laminated Glass with a One Way Privacy Interlayer

Nudo Products offers exterior architectural products focused
on extending the life of the building. These infill / glazing panels offer various finish options to provide design flexibility as well as insulation options to meet your Building's envelope requirements. Panels designed to fill a 1⁄4” glazing pocket or 1” or greater insulated panels are offered with a variety of finishes, stabilizers and cores. Panel types include but are not limited to fire-resistant, insulated glass spandrel, porcelain and impact resistant.

  • Insulated Metal Infill Panels and Insulated Spandrel Glass Panels

Specialty Glass Provider that offers cutting edge technology. Thermochromic glass is truly a game changer in the market place. Self-tinting glass activated by heat and sunlight allows a
building to self-tune and provides on demand solar heat gain control without the need for any low voltage electrical integration. As the surface temperature of the insulated glass increase from direct sunlight the glass will activate and self darken, enhancing shading and solar heat gain performance.

  • SolarSmart Automatic Self Tinting "Sun Activated" Glass

Another innovative product offering that allows for window shade and blinds to be offered within an insulated unit. No longer do you need to utilize a removable interior panel to integrate blinds and shades into your fenestration assembly. Glenny

Glass offers a variety of solutions to achieve a maintenance free integral shade or blind system, while offering a true insulated unit to maximize thermal performance. These insulated units can be integrated into any standard window, door, curtain wall or storefront system.

  • Sealed Insulated Units with Internal Blinds and Shades